Reggae singer Neville Bassey

His first album“Keep the Fire Burning” has paved the way for more consciousness and heart in his music. His captivating vocals and lyrics present thought-provoking emotions that have the capacity to create positive vibrations and changes. As a solo artist Neville Bassey uses his life experiences to create songs that are relevant and diverse as he appeals to music lovers across the globe. To his credit he was featured in the Beat Magazine which gives credit and exposure to artists who are making an impact in the world of reggae music. As an avid reggae fan from childhood, listening to some of reggae greats connected with him and fueled his desire to make that connection and impact with listeners. Neville’s second album, Roots, Lovers & Consciousness is an album that defines Bassey as a singer and songwriter. Its bold display of raw talent and insightful thinking set to a beat that is both sensual and captivating. The single “Girl I Still Love You’ is a favorite and has garnered rave reviews globally.His music is a staple on Prince Albert’s radio show in Alaska,Ginjahman Washington inStoke-on-Trent, UK, IRIE FM Jamaica and in his current hometown G98.7 Toronto, Canada.His versatility is demonstrated in the single“One More Chance” as he ventures into the genre of country music and he did not compromise his style or penmanship, in fact, he delivers relatable lyrics.Neville’s latest single“Weh Dem A Go Do”gives a heavyweight punch to the core of music lovers and as usual gives pure listening pleasureGiving a listening to Neville Bassey’s music is something one should invest in as it uplifts and stirs the soul with a new awakening.Reggae singer Neville Bassey

Official Ras Rebel

About Ras Rebel:

Ras Rebel is a Reggae artist from Port of Hueneme, CA. Ras Rebel has become an undeniable artist on the west coast reggae scene for 20+ yrs. He is known for his multi-genre style as his sound incorporates Dancehall, Reggae, and urban Hip Hop. Ras Rebels music can be heard on the radio and at events throughout North America , South America, and the Caribbean. 

Ras Rebel has been performing since he was a child, and got his start when he was 19 years old playing in his first band. He immediately felt at home on the stage and knew that his future was meant to be a professional performer. Over the years, Ras Rebel performed in several acts to include Small Axe, and the Crucial Yard Crew (CYC). After several years of performing in various groups, Ras rebranded himself as RAS REBEL, – a solo artist with a conscious message and a big sound. He then moved to Los Angeles, CA where he began to play notable venues such as the Dub Club, and Jamaica Gold, -the longest running Dancehall club in the region. It was during this time that Ras Rebel was able to build and discover his own sound and style that would set the precedent for his career. 

In 1998, he put out his first solo album,“Rebelution”, and his sophomore release “Crossroads” was in 2006 which was met with international acclaim and success. He went on to tour relentlessly in various parts of the world to include Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the sovereign state of Hawaii, and the United States. Garnering fans from all over the globe, Ras has set himself apart amongst the musical community for his conscious message, and his interactive stage performance. Ras Rebels music continues to bring a message of love and tales of real life experiences. His message, paired with  heavy hitting rhythms and a modern Rub-A-Dub style, displays Ras Rebels unique talent of bringing fans together of all backgrounds. 

In 2014 Ras Rebel released a single “ Stronger “ and in 2015 Ras Rebel took a short Hiatus from music to raise his daughter, and moved to Sacramento, CA. He then returned in 2017 strong with his 4th full length studio album, “Rebirth.” The album was special to Ras as it marked his return to music, as well as his musical pairing with notable Sacramento producer, JIntel.(best known for his work with E40) Ras Rebel’s return was welcomed by musicians and fans alike. He has since performed with notable performers such as the likes of Jesse Royal, Collie Budz, J Boog, Yellowman, Anthony B, Kabaka Pyramid, and even Julian Marley. Ras Rebel was given the opportunity to perform the famous Welcome to Jamrock cruise in 2016, where he was invited to perform by the legendary ShineHead. He performed the mainstage with musical backing of the Black Soil Band feat. Dean Fraser, otherwise known as Tarrus Riley’s band. 

Ras Rebel has a new EP titled “Still Standing,” which is set to be released in Fall of 2020. The first single off the album, “Boss Lion,” is set to be released in April 3rd 2020 features Grammy award winning vocalist, Mykal Rose and the production talents of EN Young, formerly of Tribal seeds. 

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