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Issachar Muzik
27 November 2020  
“Worry” Single & Official Video Out Now! New music from Papa Juggy Samuel aka papa juggy Produced by Issachar Muzik / M. Hyde Production Studio & Juggyloo Music
Available now on Amazon Music & Spotify
Roger Samuels aka Papa Juggy was born in London England to West Indian parents. In 1992, he was nominated for a Grammy with the legendary Wailing Souls, thereafter attaining a gold record with Def Jam recording artist Boss. Papa Juggy music has been global since the early 90s, as one of the first solo artist’s to have a single in hourly rotation on major airlines worldwide.
Papa Juggy soon made a hit featured on the Marked for Death soundtrack, featured on several US tours, sharing the stage with megastars Carlos Santana & Bob Dylan. Performed at Jamaica National Stadium & Reggae Sunsplash International Night with the Legendary wailing Souls.
Watch the Video Premiere at https://youtu.be/YHGYTKTPbgk

Jahmark and The Soulshakers

JAHMARK & The SOULSHAKERS are an unstoppable force of nature. The group’s leader, Jahmark, is a gifted singer/songwriter, dynamic performer and entertainer. He was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, and the authenticity of his craft definitely shines through.CDs include LOVE POWER, LIFE, GAN-JAH-LICIOUS, the double album BOOK OF REDEMPTION I & II, and their most recent, HAPPINESS.Movie soundtrack credits include two of their grooving up-tempo songs, “Ocean Blue”, in the film WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S II, and “Rock You Baby” (a.k.a. “I Wanna Rock U Baby”), in MIAMI RHAPSODY.The time of revelation is at hand and here comes one of Jamaica’s native sons with his carefully chosen Soulshakers at their very best, “a Jah send them come”…classic roots reggae music live and direct, conscious heartfelt and relevant lyrics, inspirational and percussively percolating beats, grooving basslines, a true revival of the golden age of reggae in the here and now … Jah live! See less

Reggae singer Neville Bassey

His first album“Keep the Fire Burning” has paved the way for more consciousness and heart in his music. His captivating vocals and lyrics present thought-provoking emotions that have the capacity to create positive vibrations and changes. As a solo artist Neville Bassey uses his life experiences to create songs that are relevant and diverse as he appeals to music lovers across the globe. To his credit he was featured in the Beat Magazine which gives credit and exposure to artists who are making an impact in the world of reggae music. As an avid reggae fan from childhood, listening to some of reggae greats connected with him and fueled his desire to make that connection and impact with listeners. Neville’s second album, Roots, Lovers & Consciousness is an album that defines Bassey as a singer and songwriter. Its bold display of raw talent and insightful thinking set to a beat that is both sensual and captivating. The single “Girl I Still Love You’ is a favorite and has garnered rave reviews globally.His music is a staple on Prince Albert’s radio show in Alaska,Ginjahman Washington inStoke-on-Trent, UK, IRIE FM Jamaica and in his current hometown G98.7 Toronto, Canada.His versatility is demonstrated in the single“One More Chance” as he ventures into the genre of country music and he did not compromise his style or penmanship, in fact, he delivers relatable lyrics.Neville’s latest single“Weh Dem A Go Do”gives a heavyweight punch to the core of music lovers and as usual gives pure listening pleasureGiving a listening to Neville Bassey’s music is something one should invest in as it uplifts and stirs the soul with a new awakening.Reggae singer Neville Bassey

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